Coblation or Radio-frequency Reduction of the Turbinate

Turbinates are structures on the side of the nose. They can be enlarged and cause a severe nose blockage. By using coblation or radio-frequency, we can safely reduce the size of the turbinates hence relieving one of a blocked nose vis this outpatient procedure.

Coblation or Radio-frequency Reduction of the Turbinate – The Procedure

This procedure is performed under local anaethesia or sedation. The patient sits comfortably on an incled chair. Local anathema is applied by spray and local injection.

The probe is then used to shrine the turbinates. NO CUTTING is involved. There is virtually no town time for the patient. There will be some stuffy nose in the initial few days before the turbinates shrink to allow a larger nasal passage and relief of the blocked nose. The turbinates on both side of the nose are treated in one sitting.

Contact us if you have trouble with blockage of the nose.