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CENTAS medical director and senior ENT consultant is Dr. YT Pang. Dr Pang obtained his medical degree from the National University of Singapore. He was subsequently awarded the fellowships of the Royal Colleges of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Dr. Pang furthered his training in the United Kingdom where he was awarded the Inter-Collegiate Fellowship (from the Royal Colleges of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ireland) in ENT, and thus far the only Singaporean to have obtained this fellowship.

Our ServicesBesides general ENT, Dr Pang has keen interest in the areas of allergies, sinus diseases as well as sleep apnoea and snoring. He was attached to the University of Chicago to further his training in the areas of allergy.

Dr Pang, during his stint at the National University Hospital as the Senior Consultant and Clinical Director of the Department of Otolaryngology, speared headed the ENT Allergy and Rhinology clinic and he was also the director of the Image Guided Surgery System Program.

In his appointment as a Clinical Senior Lecturer in the National University of Singapore Faculty of Medicine, he was actively involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Dr Pang has published more than 30 articles and chapters. He continues to be engaged in clinical research especially in the areas of allergy.

At CENTAS, there is a strong focus on Allergy and Snoring Management. A holistic approach is provided in the evaluation and treatment of allergy. Dr. Pang has great experience in the use of immunotherapy for treatment of allergy.

CENTAS offers a one-stop service for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea management. After consultation in the centre, we organise convenient sleep study evaluation at the patient’s home or hotel avoiding the need for hospital admission. Subsequent individualised therapy will be proposed and where suitable, minimally invasive procedures are performed in the clinic.

Children are always welcomed at our clinic. Our staff are experienced in handling children and their needs.

For our International patients, our centre co-ordinates the required tests and necessary procedures prior to patient’s arrival. We also assist in making reservations for accomodation in nearby hotels and service apartments upon request.

Contact us for an appointment if you have any ENT, Sinus or Allergy Concerns.



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